Do you want to turn your good restaurant into a great business?

Are you looking for better restaurant solution than just POS and more customer-friendly system?

Do you want to run your restaurant auto-pilot without sacrificing profit, service and taste?

You have the best chef in your restaurant but not the best service? Are you having problems with staff and
inventory management?

As much as the industry is about hospitality and entertainment, its also a business. Running and growing the business and managing that growth takes the right tools.

Uni.'s Restaurant Service and Management System is the all-in-one system you need to keep your hospitality business on the right track. According to Hospitality Technology's Restaurant Technology Study (April 2007), 47 percent of operators plan to replace their POS systems in the coming 12 to 18 months. So, if you are looking for new restaurant system then this system is for you.

Uni.'s Restaurant Service and Management System is designed for every hospitality segments from Pizza, QSR, Fast Casual, Family / Casual to Fine-dining. It delivers seamless feature-rich functions including Parking management, Table management, Reservations, Staff, Kitchen, Inventory management, online web site, and much more. Plus comprehensive back office offers built-in reports for customizable reporting, fully integrated on-line credit card verification, inventory with recipe costing, staff scheduling and data management and much more.

Restaurant Service and Management System is the right solution for your hospitality business with solutions like cash control, easy order taking, integrated customer-oriented service features, full table-service capabilities, inventory, kitchen support, marketing and more to streamline operations, make smarter business decisions and expand your business online too.

All-In-One Wireless System

It's wireless ready and it's all-in-one system. From reception POS (Point of Service) terminal to kitchen display to waiter service handheld PDA to billing thermal printer to Bluetooth headset to table call device to handheld guest call device, Uni.'s Restaurant Service and Management System is the all-in-one and one-stop total solution for any hospitality businesses. It's the only one cost-saving system you will ever need to keep your business on the move.

Reliable Linux Platform
Hospitality businesses like restaurants are open weekdays, weekends, holidays, early in the morning and late at night. Uni.'s Restaurant Service and Management System is based on the reliable and stable Linux operation system, so it processes thousands of transactions everyday without slowing down.

Customizable to Individual Business
The restaurant system can be customized to answer your individual business needs, resulting in more efficient daily operations. Regardless of business size, special configurable functions can be used to update all POS or PDA screens automatically while keeping full control over your business:

  • Unlimited reports on sales, staffs and inventory
  • Employee classification
  • Several levels of security
  • Customizable PDA functionalities and screen appearance
  • Customizable POS functionalities and screen appearance
  • Manage menu changes
  • Manage online reservations
Expand Business On-Line
Uni.'s Restaurant Service & Management System brings your business online. Now days, more and more clients / customers have access to the Internet and use online ordering or to make online reservations and payment on a daily basis. Our system comes with customizable web site & web pages to expand your business online in today's world wide web market.

Student Easy
The system is new, cutting edge and high tech but it is also user-friendly and easy for the staffs like students on part-time to master in a short time.

Customer Oriented
The system is focused on the idea of giving the best and fine experience for the customers, as we know the lifeline of any business is the customers. From online ordering to online reservation to waiting for the table to valet parking to be seated to ordering to payment and to leaving with their transportation, Uni.'s Restaurant System is designed to assist any business with different wireless and modern pagers, handheld PDAs, terminals, devices for optimum customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Table Management

Restaurant service and management system's module targets the needs of fine dining operations, table and seat management and the people who run them.
Our system is based on the careful study of real human behavior in a restaurant service environment. Staff can arrange tables, manage customers, and settle payment all through a one-screen interface on their individual PDA.

Staff Management

Like any businesses, it's just not about the customers, it's also about the staff and employees. Manage staff efficiently and effectively and productively with scheduling, reports, assignments, classification, security levels etc. for smooth daily operations. It can also be used to create reports for pre-processing payroll information. Grow your business more with happy customers and happier staff.

At-the-table System

Uni.'s system comes with Call Service devices which can be mounted on the table for prompt and satisfying customer service requests. The order-at-the-table and pay-at-the-table can help any business with efficient customer services and repeated customer business. And, yes, more importantly, it speeds table turns to keep the business on the move.

Portable PDAs, Pagers and Kitchen Display System

The system is designed for maximum portability with wireless portable pagers and communicating customers with call devices to waiters sending orders to the kitchen with a tap of their stylus of their PDA. And, kitchen display system greatly increases dining room and kitchen efficiency for prompt and satisfying customer experience.

Instant Ingredient and Inventory Tracking

Reduce costs, eliminate wrong orders, manage waste and make better business decisions with updated different ingredient and inventory reports from different terminals. The system alerts even when the ingredient or the inventory drop below their warning level. Thus, take the day-to-day hassle out of managing the ingredients and inventory and make better sale forecast for better profit margins.

Uni.'s Restaurant Service & Management System consist of:

• Digital System Center (SC-204)

• Reception POS (Point of Service) Device

• Kitchen Display Device

• Waiter Service Device - Handheld PDA

• Billing Device (Thermal Printer)

• Bluetooth Headset

• Be call - Call Service Device (Table Type)

• Guest Call (I & II) - Handheld Device

• People Finder I - Handheld Device
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