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What is A New Generation Voice Paging SYETEM ?

In a traditional Voice Paging System, after the dispatch center sends out calling messages, not only does it not know whether the receiving end has received the messages clearly, but also it does not know the receiver’s response to the message content. It does not handle the situation where the receiver receives messages that are unclear or cannot be heard. When the receiver receives the messages clearly and wants to respond, it needs to search for tools to generate the response. And when replying, it adds overhead and confusion to the Dispatch Center operator. Unication believes that these issues need to be properly and reasonably addressed, and hence proposes the concept of a New Generation Voice Paging System.

What is Unication’s Solution of A New Generation Voice Paging System ?

Unication added to the traditional voice pagers the element of two-way communication and the setup of the external service system. Together, they achieve the functionalities of automatic identification and execution, in order to satisfy the following features:

▪Automatically request to resend message if the received message is not clear
▪Automatically resend a message
▪Automatically notify the Dispatch Center upon receiving a clear message
▪Reply to messages via manual one touch
▪Periodically notify the current location of pager user for dispatch convenience of the Dispatch Center (Note: The feature is only available on G3 model)
▪Display the emergency on-site map on the pager (Note: The feature is only available on G3 model)
▪Wild Frequency Band (Note: combination of two frequency bands among VHF, UHF, 700MHz and 800MHz. The feature is only available on G3 model)
▪Analog Protocol (two tone / five tone, CTCSS / CDCSS, MDC1200, MDC2400), Digital Protocol (DMR, P25), Dual mode available (Note: dynamic auto detect and decode. The feature is only available on G3 model) These are the requirements of the New Generation Voice Paging System


More clear display

G1 has a status bar to inform users of the current operating status including the status of battery, GSM/ GPRS mode on/off, Alert (Vibration only, Tone only or both), and unread messages.

g1-more clear display

To provide pager Out of Range Remind function -- Unication has filed for patent on this technique

Users of traditional voice pagers sometimes step out of the signal coverage or enter an environment where signal cannot be received due to their work requirements. The G1 series provides user Out of Range Remind function. This function could be applied to the current voice paging system. The dispatch center only needs to send All Call dummy messages via two-tone protocol. The pager won’t turn the speaker on when receiving the dummy messages, so the pager will neither alert nor display the message, which will not cause any influence on the pager users. If the pager does not receive the dummy message two times in a row (>/=10minuts), then the mode will switch from standby to out of range. Meanwhile, the backlight will switch to red. In addition, the pager will alert the user that it is currently out of range every five minutes.
For the G1G model, the pager will automatically register to the PS & DRT System with its number and the carrier’s name to inform the center or related parties that the pager is currently out of range. (Out of Range, OOR) This function can be enabled by the user themselves through PPS. If the dispatch center is facing communication overload, they could change the duration of sending dummy messages after changing with PPS.


Provide off-duty voice pager awake function -- Unication has filed for patent on this technique

When voice pager is in Off Duty Mode, it still receives and stores the messages, but it does not alert and play the message upon receiving them. However, there are sometimes emergencies that require a lot of people or those with professional skills to support the critical mission. When these events occurs, dispatchers could login PS & DRT System (Pager Status and Dispatch Response Tracking System) to grasp the all the pager users’ status. If the dispatcher needs a specific rescuer while he/she is off, they could send OTAC (over the air control) to the pager to switch it from off duty to on duty and send the message.


User Manual Setting Private Receiving channel

G1 Series provides the Free Scan function which the pager will scan the signals in the air (2.5KHz each time set by PPS) within frequency width. If a message was scanned, the pager will pause scanning and play the message. Meanwhile, the pager will display the scanned frequency. If the user doesn’t need the message scanned, he/she will just press the okay key to resume scanning.


Other Assistance Feature

Aside from proving the above feature the G1 series provides, which improve the receiving ability of voice pager, the G1 series also has more message receiving functions, for example, receiving voice and text messages, 64 message receiving channels, a various channel scan monitoring, more convenient frequency setting (8 receiving portfolio with 8 receiving table per portfolio, which is 64 channels in total. Each channel could be defined as single channel/selective call, monitor mode, multi-channel priority/normal scan selective and monitor mode). Moreover, the G1 series provides some considerable functions for the users.


Function Status Display Setting

G1 series provides the user the ability to quickly grasp the setting of the pager, such as the alarm setting (one time/Interval) On or Off, or auto pager On / Off function is On or Off, every functions is On or Off, etc. All of these attributes help the user understand the status of each function.







Today Function

Upon switching on the pager, the G1 series brings the user into the Today function :

▪▪How many unread messages (Voice / Text)
▪▪How many required manual ack messages which are not replied
▪▪The voice memo alarm and message alarm for today







Voice Memo And Memo Alert Function
  This function has no direct association with voice pagers. It is purely a considerate service provided by Unication. The idea was that Unication think the users carries the voice pager all day long, which is hard work. While carrying the pager, sometimes there are things users need to remember or take notices, for example, someone’s phone number and address, or something needed to be done while driving, or happen to not have a pen at hand, the user could use the voice memo. To record a voice memo, the user needs to press the button to start recording, release the button to stop. The user also could set time alert to a certain voice memo. When the alert starts, press play to listen to the memo. G1 Series provides 11 minutes of recoding time. The user could also listen to or delete voice memos through the voice memo function under the menu. g1-voice-memo-and-memo-alert-function









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