Is your business based on collaboration among geographically dispersed customers, employees,or suppliers?

Are you aiming to cut down your business's expenditure on calls or traveling drastically?

Do you wish the whole company could use cheap VoIP calls even with regular PSTN calls?

When you are out of the office, does your company offer Push Mail for checking your e-mails?

Do you often have to go away from your desk and miss important calls? So, are you looking for a low cost
portable communication solution? Are you wondering if its possible to integrate your company's mail server,
PSTN, GSM and WiFi network?

"Through 2010, 80% of businesses who have deployed communications enabled business processes will have acquired significant competitive and revenue differentiation."

Uni.'s DATA AND TELECOMMUNICATION INTEGRATION SYSTEM is designed for businesses and enterprises to deliver (VoIP) Voice over Internet Protocol with the normal regular PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). As well as a combination of Push Mail function to increase any business's efficiency, effectiveness and productivity by providing portable e-mail service on a mobile device on the go.

DATA AND TELECOMMUNICATION INTEGRATION SYSTEM and Uni.'s own BMT (Business Mobile Terminal / PDA) is a simple, low cost IP based communication solution for small, medium or big businesses. This flexible and scalable IP based telephone system eliminates the need for central switches and offers a complete set of PBX telephony features. Get PBX features even without the cost of owning a PBX. Inside any business's office it provides VoIP over the wireless LAN or WiFi and the company's regular PBX phone system. Moreover, outside the office, it provides over Wi-Fi spots and the GSM system.

DATA AND TELECOMMUNICATION INTEGRATION SYSTEM dramatically simplifies and improves business communications, reducing costs and improving revenue opportunities. By integrating various forms of communications, such as voice, e-mail, video, messaging, and conferencing, businesses can more effectively control and manage their inbound and outbound communications. Businesses further stand to benefit from communications-enabled business processes, whereby the integration of communication services with business processes creates more efficient, effective and productive environment for collaboration among geographically dispersed employees, customers or suppliers.

Total Office Solution
Data & Telecommunication Integration System can able any head office, branch and remote offices to cost-effectively extend voice and data services while providing a seamless customer and employee communication. Mobile employees will appreciate the ability to simply plug a laptop into a network port at a shared office locations, wear a Bluetooth headset, and function as if they were in their own office and use all the phone features.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Auto switch
VoIP is the next generation of toll charges free business telephony services in the era of anywhere-anytime connectivity. With the ability to carry voice and data over the Internet network, VoIP helps to make communication more convenient and productive than ever to communicate with colleagues and customers anywhere in the world. Business communications must be quick to response and efficient. Converging voice and data with VoIP maximizes network efficiency, reduces capital and operating costs, provides consistent access to the office network from anywhere, and empower customer support for more responsive customer service. BMT2 automatically detects the communication environment, when WiFi network is detected, the phone line will automatically switch off from GSM.

Cost Savings
Both local and long distance call costs are reduced with toll free VoIP technology. Interoffice connections using the network eliminates the need for expensive tie lines. There are no taxes or surcharges to be paid. With VoIP your company gains truly converged voice, data, and video services. This helps decrease time and money spent to maintain three separate systems. Moreover, business will have increased return on 'hard' and 'soft' dollars by creating savings on travel budgets.


Immediately start saving. A new VoIP system can work with your existing PBX equipment as you seamlessly integrate VoIP into your business.

Innovative Options

Major mobile phone and handheld device companies are already providing products that will allow you to stay in touch with your office network when people are on the road. People can simply connect to the Internet from anywhere with their Uni.'s BMT2 or mobile phone, and have access to the same VoIP services they would have in the office.

Conference = Faster Collaboration

Increase business's efficiency and effectiveness with free virtual 'face-to-face' meetings. This system reduces the need to travel while making in-depth discussions and collaboration much easier, faster and convenient with colleagues and customers anywhere in the world. Instant creative and problem-solving processes can improve fundamentally by taking the travel-factors cost and time out of the equation. 3 lines are available at any given time and up to 6 members can join in the same line for teleconference through BMT2. And, its all free.

Reliable Push E-mail

Uni.'s Data & Telecommunication Integrated System and BMT2 can integrate the pre-existing original mail server and PSTN network, also GSM / Wi-Fi connection. Users can receive e-mails on their BMT2 or mobile devices, with just a push of a button, anytime anywhere.

Bluetooth Headset

The mobile phone is the prevailing communication tool for business and personal productivity. Enable your employees to access the network and its resources from anywhere by simply plugging a laptop, use BMT2 and snap in the Bluetooth headset.

Call Forwarding

Do customers complain that the staffs are not reachable or are you concerned about missing important calls while you are away from the desk or office? TD/ CIC system supports call transfer from the office desktop phone to BMT2. You will never miss any important calls or the business opportunity.

Instant Message

You can add your contacts or co-workers to the contact list. When you are away from the office and need support or ask any queries, just send a quick message from the Uni.'s BMT2, and you will be able to contact them instantly.

Push To Talk (PTT)

Users can group the contacts and just push the PTT button on BMT2 for information broadcast to a selected group. Thus, it's very useful for daily operations in an office or certain sites. Also, it supports individual talk.

Enterprise Address Book

In any business, its hard remembering every extension phone numbers, cell phone numbers or the contact information. Enterprise Address Book comes in handy here. The address book is directly updated from the Data & Telecommunication Integration System server. It records all the extension numbers, personal phone numbers of the contacts or the employees in the office. So, every time BMT2 is turned on, the address book is automatically updated with the latest contact datas.

PBX Integration

Uni.'s Data & Telecommunication Integration System seamlessly works with any business's pre-existing PBX system with added and much needed features, such as away messages record, call forwarding, and 6-way conference system.

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