• Active Multi-Mode Analog/Digital
    The U3 supports both digital and analog technologies; it automatically detects the type of signal and switches the receiving mode. No reprogramming is required.
• Live Site Data Transmissions
A picture can more accurately describe the situation. With the U3 one has the ability to transmit multiple types of data including pictures, voice, texts and GPS location information.
• GPS Capability
Team members locations can be displayed on the radio screen. The GPS Inform function allows the user to send location information or emergency alerts to the dispatch center of other group members.
• Database Application
The U3 has a database capability that can be used for assisting in tracking and finding missing people, criminal suspects and stolen vehicles.
• Secure Communication
AES-256 Digital Encryption insures secure, private communications when required.
• Single Frequency Repeater Function
U3 portable radio R&R model (Radio and Repeater) can be used as a portable repeater to extend the communication range.

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